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How Do I Feel? Book

SKU: TIK55862

How Do I Feel? Book

SKU: TIK55862
Follow Aroha and her friends as they share how different emotions might feel in the body and how each emotion might be helpful.

With over 60 definitions, this emotions dictionary is all about helping children find the words for how they truly feel. Learning to recognise and label our emotions correctly is such an important skill for life, and giving our children this language helps to build emotional literacy.

It is a gift to give children the tools to know how to recognise what they truly feel and that is it okay to feel all emotions. When they know that no emotion is good or bad and that all emotions provide messages, then it takes away any attachment to that emotion being part of who they are. We may have experienced this ourselves being labelled naughty or out of control due to feeling angry a lot. However, this behaviour is just a way for a child to communicate. Diving deeper into why they are acting that way, why they may be feeling the things they are, can help us find some answers with our child. It can also help us find ways to help them empower themselves with tools to feel better.

Use this book to start conversations about different emotions. If you can, give examples of things you have experienced. When you see a child experiencing an emotion, help your child label it. Are you feeling ... right now?.

145 pages. 5yrs+.
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