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Big Emotions for Little People

SKU: TIK58097

Big Emotions for Little People

SKU: TIK58097
This board book is a simplified version of "How Do I Feel? A Dictionary of Emotions for Children" (TIK55862). It helps to introduce children to emotions and how they might look, using other toddlers so they can recognise themselves in the illustrations.

When we help young children label their emotions, it helps them to understand and manage what they are feeling and to improve their emotional literacy as they grow. When big emotions come to visit, use the simple belly-breathing tool at the back of the book to help your child find their way back to calm. This is a simple yet effective tool in helping children manage big emotions. Used regularly it can really help a child to learn to manage and regulate their own emotions over time.

The board book covers ten emotions that were carefully selected as they are ones toddlers will experience and resonate with. These emotions include:
- Silly
- Angry
- Curious
- Sad
- Excited
- Scared
- Happy
- Frustrated
- Shy
- Confused
- Loved

The last page covers a simple way to blow big emotions away with deep breathing.

24 pages. 1yr+.

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