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Just Blocks

Just Blocks

Open ended play for architects big and small, young, and old. Designed by a small family company run by parents. 


Just Blocks are ecologically manufactured from beech wood without being chemically treated with preservatives, paints, or oils.
There a four types of wood elements in each Just Blocks Box (except the Baby Box which contains 16 Basic bold blocks for first time builders) including the Basic bold block, Flat large, Flat medium, and Stick.

Each block size and shape has been thoroughly tested to support and develop a child’s fine motor and dexterity skills, hand eye coordination and strengthen hand and finger muscles. 

Just Blocks come without manuals or instruction and simply invite children to use their imagination. During the building process children explore cause and effect, undertake challenging tasks, and test their abilities and spatial and creative skills.



Just Blocks grow with the child.

A baby is developing the skills to handle objects, to grasp and shake, chew and bash. They learn to drop, transfer, pile, place and eventually stack.
A 3 year old begins by simply arranging and combining the different block elements. This involves recognising and matching shapes so that the blocks fit to any desired construction. The toddler thus learns to maintain the required hand-grip strength, becomes aware of the wood block texture and about spatial relationships (up, down, left, right). At this stage towers are built, more than walls or straight roads. 

At the age of 4-5 years the child tends to be more precise in its planning, where more complex building structures are made. They’re also better able to deal with being frustrated, solving problems, and achieving goals.

By 7 years + the child can build complicated three-dimensional spatial structures. They can grasp some basic rules of physics, are able to balance their building constructions and have well developed spatial imagination. Such a child is unafraid of challenges. First pyramids are created, then castles, houses, motorways, garages and many more!


The first step in any construction. During play a child may find that some plans and assumptions need to change or be modified so that the structure becomes more stable and functional. This experience builds knowledge for the next building project.


Being Precise
Just Blocks teach the child precision and hones their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. The child will soon learn that structures are more stable when the elements are placed together precisely and accurately. Intricate details can then be added by using the smallest post blocks.


Play is the best way to learn. Building various structures using Just Blocks is just the beginning. Any newly built structure becomes a new play zone, which can house the child’s favourite characters, animals and toy vehicles. The play possibilities are limited only by the imagination, which makes Just Blocks the most versatile toy your child may ever own.


A great resource for families, preschools, and primary classrooms.