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King of the Road

Waytoplay weatherproof rubber road roads are flexible and can be built on hard floors, windows, bathtubs, shower walls and over hills and sand dunes.

The perfect open ended toys that come without instructions or manuals and simply invite children to use their rich creativity and imagination. They're the perfect playmates for our other loose parts brands such as Just Blocks, Grimms and Grapat.

Made in the Netherlands and designed to last a lifetime. Practically indestructible, even for children! Waytoplay will serve as a trusty companion to your child's adventuring and imagination through the various stages of childhood. Complies with the highest Toy Test Standards including EN71.

This set contains 40 pieces including:
- 16 x curves
- 16 x straights
- 4 x intersections
- 4 x roundabouts

Straight pieces measure 22cmL, total length over 6.4m. 2yrs+.
$266.92 ex. GST |
 $306.96 inc. GST

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