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The NZ Education Specialists

About Us

Our Purpose - we passionately believe hands-on learning gives children the best start in life

The Business of Play - play is a child's work.  Play is a component of hands-on learning. It's at the heart of what we do. A child's development is intrinsically connected to experiences - we want every experience to be an opportunity for learning & growth.  Leaders in hands-on learning. We create experiences. We inspire & excite educators.

Find the balance. In today’s age, striking a balance between digital and analogue play, has never been more important.  We want to broaden children’s learning possibilities by offering a range of open-ended resources that have multiple uses, across a range of ages.  We help create environments that act as the third teacher. They invite collaboration and connection and are flexible enough to allow children to modify them to construct their own knowledge and use their hundred languages. We bring innovative brands to NZ Open-ended resources Calm, creative learning environments

Innovation - We firmly believe in hands-on learning and have huge respect for businesses who are innovating new products in this space. We endeavour to bring New Zealand children the most relevant, world-class resources. Integrity - We only stock the very best resources that have been specifically designed, tested, and proven effective and safe for use in both educational settings and at home. Relationships - We are dedicated to supporting educators and parents to ensure children have the best possible start to life. We look to create environments and occasions for connection, growth, and support. Playfulness - Having a positive impact on people’s lives is important to us. So from product selection right through to our customer service, we approach it all with a smile.

Our Core Principles - Beautiful, Simple, Sustainable, Playful
The New Zealand Education Specialists creating engaging educational environments for over 50 years.